Healing Families, Strengthening Communities, Ending Violence

Caminar Latino creates opportunities for Latino families to transform their lives and communities and works to change the social conditions that give rise to violence.

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We take pride in listening to the voices of our community, responding to identified needs, and capitalizing on our collective strength to bring about change.


We believe in the power of knowledge and in building capacity at the individual, community, and systemic level. We bring over 200 years of expertise in the field.


Check out our expertly curated library for resources on racial equity, domestic and sexual violence, and issues pertaining to the Latino community.

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Creating Safe Spaces

As the only comprehensive Atlanta-based organization serving Latino families impacted by domestic violence, Caminar Latino is embedded in the community to promote safety and support for families.

Systemic Engagement

Our nationally recognized, culturally specific models and expertise uniquely position us to work with systems—child welfare, courts, shelters, coalitions, etc—to implement long lasting, systemic change.

Caminar Latino-LUPE is home to the National Center to Advance Peace

The National Center to Advance Peace for Children, Youth and Families (NCAP) was created in response to the reality that involvement in the child welfare and child custody systems can cause irreparable harm to survivors of domestic violence, especially those from Black, Indigenous, and Latinx families. We believe our communities have the capacity to solve our own problems, and as a result, the NCAP is a partnership with Black and Indigenous communities and partners that include Ujima National Center on Domestic Violence in the African American Community, National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, the Alaska Native Women Resource Center, and Futures Without Violence.

Center to Advance Peace


“I do not have my mother or siblings here in this country but Caminar Latino makes me feel like I have family here. I am grateful for all of the support I have received for over a decade now.”

Female Participant

“I have learned to control my violent behavior. I remove myself from problems. I can detect them and diffuse them much more easily.”

Male Participant

“Well… I like coming here because is fun and there are a lot of children and they solve problems about your family and you feel better.”

Youth Female Participant, Age 8

Since 2000, we’ve provided over 268,000 individual services to: