Private Sector

While much of our work focuses on developing the capacity of non-profit organizations and Latinx leaders, companies and philanthropic organizations can also benefit from our expertise in domestic and sexual violence, community engagement, anti-oppression, and organizational development. Our team of national experts have worked with partners in the private sector in a number of ways:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives:
    • Latinx communities
    • Domestic violence
    • Sexual assault
    • Sex trafficking
    • Child welfare
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging initiatives:
    • Hiring for and retaining diversity
    • Cultural competency and cultural humility training
    • Creating a culture of shared leadership
  • Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture Change
    • Leading for change
    • Creating organizational cultures of collective care

If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities or explore how we can best support your mission, please contact us at