a teen couple look at each other while walking while one of them holds a skateboard

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month 2024

Empowering Youth: Learning from Teen Perspectives on Healthy Relationships

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is all about raising awareness on what healthy relationships can look like for teens. At the NCAP, we are centering youth perspectives on what constitutes a healthy relationship. Their insights, shaped by lived experiences and evolving understandings of love and respect, offer profound wisdom that must be listened to and respected. For professionals working with youth in child welfare and those exposed to domestic violence, a heightened level of attention is required to effectively understand and discuss dating violence with teens.

Tips for Talking with Youth about Dating Violence and Building their Capacity to Form Healthy Relationships

We’ve created the following tip sheet to help guide conversations with youth about what healthy relationships look like – with a special emphasis on how to talk to teens and understand their perspectives.