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Pride month is an opportunity to recognize the history and culture of the LGBTQ2S+ community, and create awareness around acceptance and equity for all. For the Latino/a/x community, conversations surrounding support and acceptance of LGBTQ2S+ youth are especially important, as many youth and their families may struggle to find ways to find understanding given their…

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Centering Racial Equity in Collaboration Survey

Collaboration is a fundamental strategy to accomplish a common purpose. It is not an end to itself, but instead a strategy to achieve goals and positive outcomes. This strategy, however, will be ineffective if it does not assess variables such as barriers to community-led participation, structural oppression, and cultural humility. The Centering Racial Equity in…

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Transformational Collaborations: Considerations to Apply a Racial Equity Lens

There is a strong interest and movement towards collaboration in the victim services field. A critical analysis of collaboration efforts that involve culturally specific organizations, however, show they often amount to little more than a referral network, function independently, and centralize leadership and control. Traditional collaboration concepts fail to critically examine how power is conceptualized,…

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Panel Of Peers

Description: Are you a culturally specific organization considering applying for OVW funding next grant season? Do you have questions about the application process and what it entails? Join us for an informative and insightful discussion with 2024 OVW grant recipients who will share their experiences and provide valuable insights into the process. Title: Panel of…

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Building Administrative Capacity

Description: Join us for a crucial virtual gathering as we explore managing federal funds from OVW (Office on Violence Against Women). Our focus: Building Administrative Capacity. Gain invaluable insights to navigate this domain effectively. Register now to empower your organization for success in handling federal funds with confidence. Presented by Patricia Moen Interim Co-CEO. Patricia…

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Telling Your Story Through Budget

Description: If you are not experienced with budgets, they can often illuminate personal insecurities, and sometimes feels overwhelming. As culturally specific organizations, we need to have our budget reflect our cultures within them. This session will walk through the steps in the process of creating a budget as part of the OVW CSSP application. Participants…

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How can we Support you?

Description: In this informative video, we will provide you with comprehensive insights into our services tailored specifically for culturally specific organizations who work with survivors of domestic violence. Discover how we can assist you in preparing for and applying for federal funding from the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW), ensuring your organization’s sustainable growth…

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Technical Requirements and Common Challenges When Applying To OVW Grant Programs

Description: A walk-through and discussion on the importance of following the OVW Culturally Specific Services Program Solicitation formatting and technical requirements. Participants will be provided resources on how to format the abstract, narrative, and MOU sections. Title: Technical Requirements and Common Challenges When Applying To OVW Grant Programs Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2023

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Building Our Communities: Organizational Sustainability

Description: Passionate about building healthy, sustainable organizations! Join us as we dive deep into understanding and analyzing organizational infrastructure. Our virtual gathering will empower you with a big-picture perspective on sustainability and provide valuable insights on how to make your organization thrive. Presented by Sarah Khan, (she/hers), Director of Programs, Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based…

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Centering Latinx Survivors With Disabilities And Deaf Survivors In Our Work To End Gender-Based Violence

Description: This webinar will equip participants with practical strategies to provide meaningful support to Latinx survivors with disabilities and Deaf survivors. Our presenter will guide you through a comprehensive exploration of these intersections, highlighting the significance of cultural humility and accessible practices in effectively navigating these issues. We will shed light on the intricate relationship…

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First Steps to Success: Applying for a Federal Grant as a Culturally Specific Organization

Description: This webinar provides an overview of the federal grant submission process for organizations seeking funding to address the culturally specific needs of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking victims. Information about applicant eligibility, registration requirements, and tips on how to approach the application process will be discussed. Title: First Steps to Success: Applying…

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