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Centering Racial Equity in Collaboration Survey

Collaboration is a fundamental strategy to accomplish a common purpose. It is not an end to itself, but instead a strategy to achieve goals and positive outcomes. This strategy, however, will be ineffective if it does not assess variables such as barriers to community-led participation, structural oppression, and cultural humility. The Centering Racial Equity in…

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Overview of 2022 OVW CSSP Solicitation

Join Caminar Latino – Latinos United for Peace and Equity for a detailed walk-through of OVW’s 2022 CSSP Solicitation. We will discuss where to find important information about deadlines, eligibility, purpose and priority areas, and how to start to prepare for the 2023 solicitation. This project was supported by Grant No. 15JOVW-21-GK-02212-MUMU awarded by the…

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What is Effective in Working with Men

This session focuses on modeling the importance of men and women working together to promote healing and transformation for individuals, families, and communities.   Presenters: Jerry Tello, Co-Founder National Compadres Network, Debra Camarillo, Executive Director of The Latino Commission and Barbara Kappos, LCSW Executive Director of ELA Women’s Center.  This webinar was the third part of…

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Hombres Buscando Balance – Working with Wounded Men

This session presented by Maestro Jaime Molina, Mario Ozuna-Sanchez, and Ozzie Cruz, Trainers of La Cultura Cura at National Compadres Network, explores the dimensions and dynamics of wounded men. Focused on what is important to consider when working with men, it will provide an overview of how racism, colonization, racial inequity and generational trauma impacts men and the resultant aspects of substance…

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Sacred Manhood: El Hombre Noble

This session focuses on exploring the definition of Sacred Manhood and «Un Hombre Noble» (A Noble Man), the counter-narrative of men with toxic masculinity. We do this by uplifting the positive values, traditions, practices, roles and responsibilities of Sacred Manhood that support individuals in building, nurturing, and maintaining healthy relationships. This helps create a greater…

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Consolidar una Cultura de Confianza

Un error que comúnmente cometen las organizaciones es embarcarse en el diseño de un marco de equidad o intentar analizar temas espinosos relacionados con la cultura y la opresión cuando no hay confianza y sí temor a la vulnerabilidad. No es posible mantener una conversación dura si no existe confianza. En este contexto, la confianza…

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Transformational Collaborations: Considerations to Apply a Racial Equity Lens

There is a strong interest and movement towards collaboration in the victim services field. A critical analysis of collaboration efforts that involve culturally specific organizations, however, show they often amount to little more than a referral network, function independently, and centralize leadership and control. Traditional collaboration concepts fail to critically examine how power is conceptualized,…

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