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Centering Racial Equity in Collaboration Survey

Collaboration is a fundamental strategy to accomplish a common purpose. It is not an end to itself, but instead a strategy to achieve goals and positive outcomes. This strategy, however, will be ineffective if it does not assess variables such as barriers to community-led participation, structural oppression, and cultural humility. The Centering Racial Equity in…

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Consolidar una Cultura de Confianza

Un error que comúnmente cometen las organizaciones es embarcarse en el diseño de un marco de equidad o intentar analizar temas espinosos relacionados con la cultura y la opresión cuando no hay confianza y sí temor a la vulnerabilidad. No es posible mantener una conversación dura si no existe confianza. En este contexto, la confianza…

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Transformational Collaborations: Considerations to Apply a Racial Equity Lens

There is a strong interest and movement towards collaboration in the victim services field. A critical analysis of collaboration efforts that involve culturally specific organizations, however, show they often amount to little more than a referral network, function independently, and centralize leadership and control. Traditional collaboration concepts fail to critically examine how power is conceptualized,…

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Strategies to Recruit, Hire, and Sustain Diversity in the Workplace

There is strong empirical confirmation that effectively recruiting, hiring, and retaining a diverse staff is positively correlated with increased organizational performance. Many studies and surveys show however, that recruiting, hiring, and retaining a diverse staff is a challenge that many organizations face. Strategies to Recruit, Hire, and Sustain Diversity in the Workplace responds to this…

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Building a Culture of Trust

Workplace discussion on issues such as racism, ageism, and heteronormativity can be difficult even in circumstances where people have strong relationships and can assume goodwill. Too often, efforts to address culture, oppression and equity fail to recognize the absence of trust or fear of vulnerability that limit the ability to generate the learning and positive…

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Understanding Oppression and Promoting Equity

Ruby White Starr To build effective and sustainable alliances with historically marginalized communities, organizations need a clear understanding of culture and oppression. Here we will get grounded on concepts related to culture and oppression, gain a better understanding of the intersection of our own identity and how it impacts relationships with others, and explore the…

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Community Connections: Men, Gender, and Violence

Caminar Latino began in 1990, as the first support group for Spanish-speaking battered Latinas in Georgia. The agency affirmed from the beginning that the voices of battered Latinas would be the guiding force behind the program. This began to rapidly generate program innovations. The first of these had to do with children and teenagers. The…

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