Direct Services

Our Direct Services Team 

The Family & Community Engagement leaders at Caminar Latino are an essential part of our direct service team. Comprised of ten individuals who are all Latino and bilingual, they bring a wealth of expertise and personal experience to their work. The team has an average tenure of 16 years with Caminar Latino, with some members having been with the organization for as long as 30 years. Their longevity and commitment to the mission of Caminar Latino are a testament to the importance of the work we do. 

Mens's group

In addition to their professional expertise, the Family & Community Engagement leaders bring their own experiences as survivors of violence, youth witnesses of domestic violence, and individuals who have caused harm. This personal connection to the issue of domestic violence allows them to provide a unique perspective and support to the survivors and families they work with. 

Like the participant families, the Caminar Latino team represents a variety of Latin American countries, including Colombia, Mexico, and Nicaragua. They also reflect a broad range of experiences and identities, spanning different generations, educational experiences, and more. This diversity among the staff supports Caminar Latino’s efforts to reflect the community we serve and ensures that our services are culturally responsive and relevant.