Building Administrative Capacity

Description: Join us for a crucial virtual gathering as we explore managing federal funds from OVW (Office on Violence Against Women). Our focus: Building Administrative Capacity. Gain invaluable insights to navigate this domain effectively. Register now to empower your organization for success in handling federal funds with confidence. Presented by Patricia Moen Interim Co-CEO. Patricia supports several technical assistance initiatives including the National Center to Advance Peace for Children, Youth and Families, Outreach to Culturally Specific Organizations and the SAVES Center. She previously provided technical assistance to grantees of the Promising Futures Initiative and the recently concluded Quality Improvement Center on Domestic Violence and Child Welfare. For her FULL BIO

Title: Building Administrative Capacity

Presented by: Victoria Ybanez, Diné, Apache, and Mexican, has been working to end violence against American Indian/Alaskan Native peoples for 35 years. She is the Executive Director of Red Wind Consulting, Inc. coordinating and providing Tribal Technical Assistance for the Office on Violence Against Women Current projects include the development/implementation of Tribal specific shelter and transitional housing programs, assisting Tribal programs program delivery; addressing children impacted by domestic violence and teen dating violence; working with Tribal college and university campuses developing holistic responses to sexual assault; and responses for urban Native programs. She developed the National Tribal Advocate Center, developed the curriculum for each training, and serves as lead faculty. Ms. Ybanez is published in three anthologies: Shout Out: Women of Color Respond to Violence; Sharing Our Stories of Survival: Native Women Surviving Violence; and Birthed from Scorched Hearts.

Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2024