Gheisha-Ly Rosario Díaz, Esq.

Gheisha-Ly Rosario Díaz, Esq.
Director of Programs and Policy

Gheisha-Ly Rosario Díaz, Esq. (she/her/ella) is the Director of Programs and Policy at Caminar Latino – Latinos United for Peace and Equity. She evaluates policy and provides training and technical assistance on current legal and social aspects of issues in relation to domestic violence, custody, child abuse, and other aspects of juvenile and family law. For the last two decades, Gheisha has worked to advocate for/with, and empower survivors of gender-based-violence. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Florida International University, a Master’s in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School, and a Juris Doctor from Elon University School of Law. Gheisha is licensed to practice law in North Carolina and the District of Columbia.  

At the start of her career, Gheisha worked at a domestic violence center for over a decade. It was her experience as a survivor of same sex intimate partner violence and assisting other survivors that led her to pursue a law degree. During that time, she became well-known locally as an expert on LGBTQ/GNC intimate partner violence. 

After obtaining her law degree, Gheisha worked at a local rape crisis center here she led the implementation of a 24-hour bilingual (English/Spanish) text/chat crisis line. She facilitated professional trainings for members of the North Carolina legislature and was a guest lecturer at Duke University. During her time with the rape crisis center, she helped survivors navigate the justice system, prepared them to testify in court proceedings through a trauma-informed lens, and set realistic expectations about the legal process. 

Gheisha was born and raised in Puerto Rico to a Cuban mother and a Puerto Rican father, and she considers Spanish her native language. Gheisha and her wife Monica have been together for 18 years. They have three dogs, Roxy, Jett, and Grayson. They love going on hikes and cooking Latin vegan food. Gheisha loves to travel and take adventure vacations, she has been spelunking, rappelling, zip lining, and white-water rafting. She views social justice through an intersectional lens, and is a fierce advocate for survivors of gender-based violence, the environment, and animals.