1 is 2 MANY: Twenty Years Fighting Violence Against Women and Girls

Page 103 excerpt:

Caminar Latino is the first and only comprehensive domestic violence program for Latino families in Georgia. VAWA money helps the organization provide both basic and longer-term services to Latina survivors, including trauma and mental health counseling, education classes, financial aid, and assistance with immigration applications. The voices of women has guided its mission from the start: in response to requests, Caminar Latino created a comprehensive children’s program to address the effects of domestic violence on the children who witness it; developed a 24-week, state-certified, violence intervention program for men; and provides childcare for kids while their parents attend parenting programs.

Executive Director Jessica Nuna says VAWA funds have allowed Caminar Latino to “address domestic violence in a way that works with the community.”

Here, just a few reflections from kids and women who have been served:

  • “[Caminar Latino] helped me get new friends. I learned that what happened was not my fault.”
  • “They have helped me to value myself as the person I am.”
  • “In Caminar Latino I learned what violence is. I didn’t know before; I thought it was normal for my ex to beat me up. I am very proud that I no longer suffer from domestic violence now or ever. Thanks to Caminar Latino I am another woman.”
  • “[Caminar Latino] offered safety for my children and me. They gave support to my partner so he could learn how we can live together without violence. This nurtures my children so they can grow up without violence. I don’t feel like a victim anymore. I feel like a survivor.”

Download the full publication (PDF): http://www.ncdsv.org/WH_1-is-2-Many_9-9-2014.pdf