Training & Technical Assistance


Part of the mission of Caminar Latino is to transform communities in the way they approach the issue of Domestic Violence. That’s the reason we have focused in the last several years on our community initiatives including Training and Technical Assistance (TA) for other agencies and professionals in the community.

Caminar Latino has a 28 year trajectory of working with Latino families affected by violence and a combined 100+ years of experience among its team members. Regardless of the quantity and quality of experience, we recognize that we cannot fulfill our mission by ourselves and we wish to extend it by training those in their communities to do the job of “healing families, ending violence”.

CL members have provided and continue to provide training in a broad array of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Working with Latina survivors of domestic violence
  • Healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships
  • How to work with youth witnesses of violence
  • Engaging Latin@ youth to end teen dating violence
  • The Role of Immigration when addressing Domestic Violence with Latin@ families
  • Cultural Competence

Who can benefit from our training?

  • Domestic Violence Non Profits
  • Non Profits that work with Latinos & Immigrants
  • Cities and county government
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Task forces and coalitions
  • Courts
  • Helping Professionals

For those wishing to expand their programming, broadening their resources and education we are able to provide Technical Assistance on a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Program Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership Development

We believe in providing the community with the knowledge that stems from our experience but adapting it to the realities of your community. We will assess your needs and work with you to put together the training that is relevant to your organization and ties to your mission and core values.

If you or your organization is interested in receiving training please contact Jessica Nunan, at

Recent presentations:

“LGBTQQI & Immigrants: Perspectives and Challenges” at 20th Annual Statewide Family Violence Conference – Jekyll Island, Ga – September 2014 – Collaboration with Klinke Immigration, LLC

"Latin@s, Inmigrantes y Sobrevivientes: Intervenciones Exitosas y Culturalmente Apropriadas (Latin@s, Immigrants, and Survivors: Successful and culturally appropriate interventions” – Chicago, IL – June 2014 – Collaboration with NRCDV

“Increasing Survivor’s Safety: working with men who have used violence in the past” – Chicago, IL – June 2014 – Collaboration with Casa de Esperanza – National Latin@ Network

“The Role of Immigration when Addressing Domestic Violence with Latino Families” (February 2014)

“The Work of Caminar Latino in Relation to Teen Dating Violence” (Webinar) (February 2014)

"Promoting Individual and Community Accountability: The Experiences of Caminar Latino"-Washington,D.C.-January 2014- CLSSP Institute

“Conyers – Lunch & Learn Series: Healthy, Unhealthy, and Abusive Relationships – Domestic Violence 101” (January, 2014)

“Youth and Domestic Violence: Culturally Appropriate Interventions for Youth Ages 8 to 11” (June, 2013)

“Healthy, Unhealthy, and Abusive Relationships: What is the difference and how do I talk about it?” (April 2013)

“Working with Youth Witnesses of Family Violence” (August 2012)