Youth Program


  • Sharing groups for young adults, adolescents and children
  • Individual counseling
  • Liaison with schools and juvenile courts
  • Tutoring
  • Music program
  • Project Plush

Program Benefits for Participants within 6 months of entering Caminar Latino:

Youth Program Participants:

  • Youth 8 years and above will have an individualized safety plan made in partnership with their mother detailing what they should do if violence occurs in their house
  • An increase in knowledge of violence and safety skills
  • An increase in non-violent problem solving, coping, and emotional awareness skills
  • An decrease in their sense of shame and increase in self-confidence by seeing other children in similar situations

Project Plush

In 2006, Caminar Latino created Project Plush, which gives each new youth (up to 12 years of age) entering the organization’s programs a new plush animal.

Why a Plush Animal?

Project Plush is meant to provide these child victims affected by violence something tangible, so they remember their new experiences and friends at Caminar Latino while they are participating in the program and when they are no longer with the group.

Music Program

In 2013, Caminar Latino started a music program for youth witnesses of domestic violence aged 8 to 16 with a volunteer spearheading this initiative. While the music program was very different than other programming Caminar Latino had created in the past, we quickly realized that this program was a way that we could engage youth that were otherwise hard to reach. Since its inception, the music program has served as an incentive for youth to do well in school, not use violence, and participate in Caminar Latino’s weekly youth groups which are all requirements to participate in the program.

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For more information about the program and volunteer opportunities please email