Men's Program


24-session family violence intervention classes certified by the State of Georgia that includes:

  • Critical-consciousness and education groups focusing on domestic violence
  • Substance-abuse education component

Benefits for Program Participants within 6 months of entering Caminar Latino:

Men’s Program Participants:

  • 90% of families with man in attendance will report cessation of physical violence and removal of firearms within 2 weeks of entering the program
  • 75% of men complete the program (national average is between 35%-75%)
  • An increase in knowledge about domestic violence
  • An increase in knowledge about the effects of violence
  • An understanding of the mechanisms through which they learned to be violent
  • An willingness to take responsibility for their violence,
  • An decrease in their abusive attitudes towards their families
  • An increase in knowledge about the effects of their risky behaviors for themselves, families, and communities