La Voz Juvenil

La Voz Juvenil de Caminar Latino (“Youth Voice of Caminar Latino”)

In 2006, in partnership with the Department of Psychology at Georgia State University, members of the adolescent group at Caminar Latino began to conduct their own participatory action research about domestic violence and their experiences. Since 2006, the youth have conducted 5 different studies about issues of relevance and interest to them including: how they dealt with the violence in their home as well as how the community (ie. law enforcement, Child Protection Services) responded to domestic violence.

Since then, the youth’s work has garnered widespread acclaim among scientific, legal, justice, and social service professionals across the U.S. and the youth have presented at 11 different trainings including:

  • National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judge Kids’ Conference, Albuquerque, NM
  • Georgia Commission on Family Violence Statewide Annual Conference and,
  • The New York State Regional Forums, New York, NY
  • Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Vancouver, WA