Community Initiatives

Training and Technical Assistance

Part of the mission of Caminar Latino is to transform communities in the way they approach the issue of Domestic Violence. That’s the reason we have focused in the last several years on our community initiatives including Training and Technical Assistance (TA) for other agencies and professionals in the community.

Caminar Latino has a 25 year trajectory of working with Latino families affected by violence and a combined 95 years of experience among its team members. Regardless of the quantity and quality of experience, we recognize that we cannot fulfill our mission by ourselves and we wish to extend it by training those in their communities to do the job of “healing families, ending violence”.

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Lideres Comunitarias Program

A Little History

In 2006, the original Lideres program, developed by Casa de Esperanza, now a nationally recognized domestic violence organization, started as a response to Latinas in the Twin Cities of Minnesota who wanted to get involved with leadership opportunities to give back to their community. Caminar Latino saw the implementation of this program as a natural next step for the women survivors of trauma as research has shown that survivors will naturally get to the point in their own healing where they want to give back to others.

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La Voz Juvenil de Caminar Latino (“Youth Voice of Caminar Latino”)

In 2006, in partnership with the Department of Psychology at Georgia State University, members of the adolescent group at Caminar Latino began to conduct their own participatory action research about domestic violence and their experiences. Since 2006, the youth have conducted 5 different studies about issues of relevance and interest to them including: how they dealt with the violence in their home as well as how the community (ie. law enforcement, Child Protection Services) responded to domestic violence.

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