A Father’s Transformation Journey

Because Father’s Day is in June, we invite you to learn about a father’s transformation.

After Eric was arrested for domestic violence he was required to attend a certified family violence intervention program and chose to come to Caminar Latino and that’s where the transformation began….. 

Eric’s wife can’t stop bragging about her husband. But it was not always this way. Their relationship used to be full of conflict and Eric seldom spent quality time with his small children, an infant and toddler. One fateful day Eric was arrested for domestic violence. He was referred to Caminar Latino’s Family Violence Intervention Program to address his violence.. That’s where his wife says, he began the transformation that changed all of their lives.

How has Caminar Latino helped you?

My husband was required to go to Caminar Latino by the courts. During his first visit he learned about the other programs they offered for the rest of the family and he invited all of us to join him. We were all able to go to the same place at the same time and attend our separate groups and our lives got better as we learned to get along. We fought less. He learned to keep his distance when he was angry until he could cool off and see things more clearly. I did too. I noticed the kids were not as anxious as they used to be, as he learned to manage everything a lot better.

How has life changed and what are your plans?

Our lives have changed significantly. We used to fight and argue almost daily and now we are in a much better place. My husband was not really involved with the kids at all but now he spends quality time with all of us. We spend more quality time as a family. He is different. We are all different.

Why do you think people should support Caminar Latino’s work?

I think that Caminar Latino lives up to their mission. They do great work and really help people. Thanks to them, people like my husband, like us, who have suffered domestic violence have somewhere to go for help.  I don’t have words to thank them enough. I hope those who care about people like us and who can help, do.