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Facts about domestic violence

The Spanish word "Miedo" means fear. The most common barriers, among latina survivors, in accessing help are:


of deportation,
of increasing violence and
of losing custody of their children.

Regardless of documentation status survivors have

rights to

Go to a domestic violence shelter.

Request a Temporary protective Order.

Receive emergency medical attention.

Police protection.

Ask for help in your language.

Get help for you and your children.


About theCampaign

In 2015, findings of the Avon Foundation-funded NO MÁS Study, the most comprehensive study of domestic violence and sexual assault in the U.S. Latina community to date, was released. The study uncovered that the main factors the prevented Latina victims from seeking help were:

  • Fear of deportation
  • Fear of more violence for themselves and their families
  • Fear of children being taken away

In response to these findings, the Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Program provided funding to Caminar Latino in partnership with the Cherokee Family Violence Center to provide outreach to victims through a media campaign (#NoMasMiedo or #NoMoreFear), to provide domestic violence services to survivors, and to increase awareness in the community about survivor’s rights as victims of crime.

The new grants were launched in conjunction with “DECIMOS NO MÁS,” a new groundbreaking national awareness campaign launched in November 2015 that aims to engage Latinas to end domestic violence and sexual assault by providing unique bilingual resources and educational assets to the public, including web-based resources like tip sheets and conversation starters, infographics, and radio and television public service announcements.

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